Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Elementary Spiritual Emphasis week pics at last!

As I said before Jerry Jacoby and his wife Michaela were a true joy to have amongst us last week. The following pictures are testimony to that. I will try to explain what he was doing or what he had me doing in each picture. His ministry is really awesome and you can find out more at the link that I posted in a previous post.

Left: Jerry dressed up as Moses, Abraham, Elijah, and other famous biblical characters. He used the same costume every time and the kids quickly caught on.

Left: Jerry's "adopted son" Elmer the duck was the kids' favorite. Jerry would bring Elmer out and tell a story about Elmer. Elmer's story would help the kids understand the concept of God's abundant grace a little better, not to mention it was hilarious. The kids were mesmorized.

Left: Jerry did songs "low tech". Every song was hand written by his "lovely wife whose handwriting is way better than mine . . . you can actually read it." This song was one that Jerry taught the kids and it was stuck in the staff members' heads. Basically a song to remember when you want to feel happy and the Lord's love for us.

Above left: Jerry loves to use audience participation. Every day he had another crazy thing for me to help with. At the very least I was a sign holder. He said "Back in the third grade I held signs so much they called me Jerry Signholder." My kind of guy! :)

Above: These are pictures courtesy of Tricia Zimmerman our very own 4th grade teacher. These were motions that Jerry taught me to teach to the kids. He would call me up for a song that was called "We want more (pronounced 'mow') of Jesus."
It went like this. Every time We sang "more (mow)" I pushed the lawnmower (Left). Every time we sang "for" I was to hold up four fingers (right).
The lyrics went like this:
"We want mow of Jesus, mow and mow, and mow. We want mow of Jesus than we ever had befour. We want mow of His great love, so . . . so free . . . we want mow of Jesus cause He wants mow of me." The kids loved the fact that I was up front and acting so goofy. They would ask me in art class to "do the lawnmower". I am pretty sure that I will never live that one down. Thanks Jerry! :)

All in all it was a wonderfully refreshing week. It reminded me of the joy of being in such a position as I am with these kids. Despite all the day to day pains it is great to remember that sometimes it is great just to joke around with the kids.

Hope this post was a blessing to you all. Take care.

In His grip,

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