Monday, April 02, 2007

ACSI ICEC . . .Man thats alot of acronyms! :)

Hey guys,

Just thought I would get na little update in here while I have time between sessions.

I am here in Kandern, Germany, the location of Black Forest Academy in the south of Germany. We are actually only 30 minutes drive from Basel which is in Switzerland and near the French border as well.

This conference that I am at right now is a convention of educators of Christian International Schools in Europe and Africa. Some schools that have teachers here include teachers from Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Austria, and Senegal, as well as many others. It is really refreshing to meet with so many people that are doing really the same things that I am doing at VCS. There are many great sessions that are offered. I just attended one session that addressed the fact that some teachers can let shame take a place in their classrooms that they shoudn't. It was really well presented and I learned alot about how the subtle things I do in class and even the facial expressions that I use can drastically affect the learning of the students under my supervision. There have also been some really great what they call Plenary sessions where they have two keynote speakers there to encourage us and bring the word of God to us in a new way even for missionary teachers. I am also attending an intensive seminar where they are showing me how to integrate my Christian worldview into my lessons. Lets just say that my brain hurts alot.

I hope this entry finds you guys well and I do look forward to having a little more time to write a longer entry but they keep us really busy here. God bless you guys.


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