Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Sonship week . . .

Hey again everyone,

I thought I would take this chance to give all of you an update as to what I am up to this week. The past week, up until Saturday I was preparing substitute plans for my time at a seminar week called Sonship week that would take place near Zirc, Hungary. I went without a great knowledge of what to expect and I believe that the lord is blessing that.

He has given me a wonderful opportunity to get away from the school setting and to remember why I am here in Europe in the first place. The whole purpose of the Sonship ministry is to help missionaries that are on the field and maybe have begun to or have forgotten what the gospel says and what the lord's promise for us is. The reality is, as I am learning, is that Jesus died for us and took away all of our sins so that we may begin to learn to live in the "lifestyle of repentance". Even thought I have "heard" the gospel my whole life and "know it in my mind. Sometimes I forget that I am to continue to confess that I am a sinner and that I am to run back to the Lord every chance I get. I am really learning alot and am having the chance to sort through some things that have been hitting me hard going into "official missionary service" at VCS. I am so thankful that VCS was able to send me for this week and hope land pray that the Lord will bring me through this week with a renewed faith in my Savior that died for me so that I may experience the true freedom of not living as the pharasees (sp?) did. Please pray for me as well as the rest of us that are here this week as we sort through all the Lord is bringing up for us to examine.

I pray that this finds you well and that you are not too surprised and taken off guard by the fact that I have gone on something like this. God is renewing my faith in Him and what His son has done for me. God bless you guys! :)


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