Friday, March 30, 2007

This weekend . . .

Hey there again folks! :)

I hope this post finds you all well. Not only can you check up on me, but you can also check out other missionaries' blogs from here in Vienna. Look at the links lists on the right. Should be really informative. I recommend the Gardners blog.

This weekend I have the opportunity of going to Kandern, Germany for the ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International) educator conference. There will be many different speakers and sessions on how to become a better international school educator. There will be many teachers from all over Europe and the rest of the world as well. I'll be going with the director, his wife, and the spanish teacher. We leave early tomorrow morning so your prayers for traveling mercies would be greatly appreciated. The networking possibilities are also pretty large too. Please pray that I would go in an attitude to learn from many people that have 15-20+ years experience in the field of international education. Thanks.

Another thing that can be in your prayers is the wedding plans. I won't go into details, but everything is starting to come together, but there are some difficulties, mainly cultural differences that we are trying to work out. I know that the Lord's hand is in this whole thing and it is really about resting in Him knowing that He will provide.

Thanks so much for sticking by me over this past year. I as well as Betka are looking forward to being in the U.S. this summer. I have talked to a few of you about setting up times to share, but if I haven't contacted you yet and you know of an opportunity where Betka and I could share our stories, please feel free to contact me or her as soon as possible.

Easter is coming and I want to urge all of you to get back to the real meaning of Easter as well as Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, etc. We had an excellent time of reflection on what Jesus went through for us. The thing that has hit me hard lately is that He died not only to remove our sin from us, but he has given us his righteousness. To put it more simply. He took our place and has given us the right to be called Holy and good. Alll we need to do is honestly be sorry to Him and realize more and mmore each day that He is who He said He is, Jesus Christ, Son of God, Son of Man, Savior to all. Happy easter ya'll! :)

In His grip,


Friday, March 23, 2007

Summer plans . . .

Hey there again everyone. It has been a while since my last post. Again I am very sorry that I haven't written more. I come to you all this time with some really good news.

As of yesterday we purchased tickets to come back this summer. Betka and I will arrive in the US in the evening of June 26th and will be there until July 30th. That means we have 34 days to meet with family, friends, supporters, and future supporters, as well as to do some sight seeing as well. While we are there we will celebrate our upcoming wedding. When we arrive on June 26th Betka and I will have been married for 17 days and the following weekend on July 1st I think, we will celebrate at Grace Community United methodist church. My mom and family are in charge of that so please let me know if you are interested in attending that celebration in Bourbonnais and we will make sure that you know how to get there.

As for our wedding plans we are working on finalizing our plan for where the actual ceremony will be held. As soon as we have done that we will send out invitations letting you all know when that will be. If you are seriously interested in being at our wedding please contact me ASAP so we can get directions for you. Betka and I cannot really afford to take care of anyone that might show up so you must know in advance that you're on your own, but we would love to have you for the beginning of our life together.

Our desire this coming summer is mainly to re-connect with people bacj home that have become such a part of our lives. Whether it be through prayer or financial support, it doesn't matter, you are all missed very much and we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible. Please let Betka or myself know how we can best do that. You can reach me at or her at

Your continued prayers would be greatly appreciated as we are curently working on finishing purchase orders for the next school year. This is my first time doing this and it seems to me to be very important and with that comes stress for me. Add to that our 3rd quarter finishing and you have alot of stressors. Please pray that I would continue to do God's work through this difficult necessities.

God bless you guys for sticking with me as I have struggled through my first year, well, second, as God's servant overseas. Without you guys it would be much much more difficult for me to manage. Love you all so much! :)


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Sonship week . . .

Hey again everyone,

I thought I would take this chance to give all of you an update as to what I am up to this week. The past week, up until Saturday I was preparing substitute plans for my time at a seminar week called Sonship week that would take place near Zirc, Hungary. I went without a great knowledge of what to expect and I believe that the lord is blessing that.

He has given me a wonderful opportunity to get away from the school setting and to remember why I am here in Europe in the first place. The whole purpose of the Sonship ministry is to help missionaries that are on the field and maybe have begun to or have forgotten what the gospel says and what the lord's promise for us is. The reality is, as I am learning, is that Jesus died for us and took away all of our sins so that we may begin to learn to live in the "lifestyle of repentance". Even thought I have "heard" the gospel my whole life and "know it in my mind. Sometimes I forget that I am to continue to confess that I am a sinner and that I am to run back to the Lord every chance I get. I am really learning alot and am having the chance to sort through some things that have been hitting me hard going into "official missionary service" at VCS. I am so thankful that VCS was able to send me for this week and hope land pray that the Lord will bring me through this week with a renewed faith in my Savior that died for me so that I may experience the true freedom of not living as the pharasees (sp?) did. Please pray for me as well as the rest of us that are here this week as we sort through all the Lord is bringing up for us to examine.

I pray that this finds you well and that you are not too surprised and taken off guard by the fact that I have gone on something like this. God is renewing my faith in Him and what His son has done for me. God bless you guys! :)