Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Support Raising . . .

Hey everybody,

It is great to sit down and write a quick note to those of you reading regularly. I am very sorry that I do not update more regularly, but as I am also a full time teacher my time is sometimes less than I would want. What I would like to do in this entry is explain a little bit about what my typical week would look like.

I have been thinking alot lately about you guys, my supporters in prayer and finances, and I came to realize that maybe I don't give you a good enough view of what my life is really like here in Vienna. Maybe I tell too much of what I do and where I am physically and maybe sometimes it might seem a little general. Again I am sorry if it appears that way as I really desire to share with you as much as possible how my life is here, how the school is working, and how we reach kids' lives for Christ, but the Truth of the matter is that it is all really hard to capture in writing. One really has to physically come to VCS to see what the school is like, to experience the sense of loving care that we as teachers and staff give to these kids, and no amount of my writing will totally give you that picture. That being said I would like to permanently extend the invitation for any of you to come and visit me here in Vienna. I would love to meet with you and show you around the school that has become like home for me.

I know that many of you are excited for me and how the Lord has brought me to Vienna to teach at VCS. I am truly excited to be here; however there is an aspect of this job that affects it greatly. While I am a full-time teacher, teaching elementary grades K-6, I am also a full-time missionary. The wife of our elementary principal said it best in a seminar recently, that this whole missionary/teacher job is a tough one because not only do we have to juggle the balls of our lives, teaching, family, etc., but we also have to keep the ball of support raising going as well. She said that if the ball of support raising falls the others are surely soon to follow. So yeah, it is really hard for me, a first year teacher, to juggle all of these things. Could I just ask you all to pray for me as I try to get used to it all. I am trying to prepare for my wedding and the marriage that follows. No worries there as many of my married friends here in Vienna have taken me under there wing and given me a heads up as to things they faced in marriage. I am also going through the time where I am actually teaching regularly and being faced with criticism which is character building and is really needed if I am to progress into becoming a better teacher. I am really realizing that teaching takes alot of work and that I am in a perfect place to try things I might not otherwise try or to just learn from others more experienced than me and to grow as a professional. It is amazing to me how the Lord has provided enough for me to be here even though the future projections look a bit grim.

To be really honest with all of you, and I don't mean for it to seem that I doubt the Lord's ability to provide, but there has been a shortage of support coming in during the last few months. I am averaging for the last couple months around 50% of the total that I need just to get by here in Vienna. The total figure for my immediate needs while serving in Vienna is upwards of $1400 monthly. The only reason why I have been able to stay here and haven't yet had to return to the States to raise more support is because there were a few donors early on that gave big so the account at RCE was stocked up. Right now I am slowly draining that and really need to get more people willing to support for a monthly amount. Big one time gifts are huge and still help this ministry to flourish, but it is the monthly supporters that really keep me going when times get tough because I know that every month there is a reminder that they are helping me in ministry at VCS. So I would really just like to encourage you guys that when you are looking at your summer plans and your budget in the coming months, please be in prayer as to how you can help bless these students at VCS through support of me, one of their teachers, monthly.

I love all of you guys and think about you and pray for you daily. I pray that this finds you at a blessed point in your life. Although times for me right now are very hard I feel blessed to be serving a Lord that is greater than anything we can even hope to imagine. Man . . . it has been a ride, care to join me? God bless ya'll! :)


P.S. Be checking your email and mail boxes in the next few weeks. My February newsletter should show up soon! :)

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