Thursday, January 04, 2007

Ushering in the New Year Czech style!

Happy New Year ya'll! Sorry I wasn't able to get back on her and get an update out sooner, but this is the first time I have been able to get on the computer this year . . . seriously, 2007 that is. Anyway, it was a great time in the Czech Republic for my brother Matthew and I. Heck, it was just a great time hanging out with him. He has grown up since I last saw him. The man he is becoming now is a far cry from who I remember him as. Matthew, it was wonderful to have you as my guest and to share my European family with you. I pray that we will meet again soon in the Lord's timing of course! :)

The last week or so it has been really difficult to keep track of what exact day it was but I have the dates filed away in my memory. So while we spent a long wekend in the mountains it was really only marked by what I remember as 29, 30, 31, and 1. Matthew arrived on the 26th of December and I met him at the airport. He was starved so we grabbed a pizza schnitte at the nearest restaurant after he had exchanged some money. By this time it was later and we headed back to the apartment to get some sleep in preparation for the next day's fun of sight seeing and such. We didn't go to sleep right away because we had to open gifts that he ahd brought and that I had for him and so forth, but we eventually fell asleep about 11:00 I think it was. The next morning the 27th we had the entire day to hang out in Vienna. After waking up around 10:30 we headed to school. There we got the train times for our trip the next day to CZ. We also dropped off the sweatshirts that he had brought with him for the school.

After school we headed out and as we were leaving we ran into two of my friends from VCS. S. V. was coming to school I think it was to help with setting up for the 20th anniversary reunion and she was then free. Matthew and I were not sure what we would be doing all day so we told her we would call if there was something she could come do with us. On the way to the Ubahn we ran into another friend, J.H. who was also heading to school to help. He said that some of the guys would be playing poker that evening and M and I thought we might want to play so we said that we would call after we were done at the thermal bath that we were going to. So after meeting JH we headed downtown to see the sights on the ring and so forth. Then we headed out towards to outside part of town to the Thermal Bath Oberlaa. We then spent about an hour and a half relaxing there.

Oberlaa had everything. They had saunas (wet, dry, and herbal) that could fit 20 people or more. They also had three swimming pools that were different temperatures. The first one we went in was the warmest and was outside. You walk out the door and down a ramp into the pool that is so warm and the outside air is so cold that there is a foggy mist that surrounds you. Then we walked over a bridge outside to the other pool that was slightly less warm and had spouts that created a whirlpool-type thing. That was neat, but what the coolest thing about these pools is that the third pool, the inside one, was connected to the outside on via a door in the wall. You could literally swim from outside to inside. How sweet is that! Anyway that was part of our time together, at Oberlaa. If any of you come and visit me here in Vienna in the winter we can go there, its awesome!

We finished at Oberlaa about 7ish then I called JH. He said that they were doing poker at TG's about 8ish. So we went right to TG's from Oberlaa. It was about 40 minutes on public transportation until we were there. So Matthew got to meet TG, MG, ThG, and TG's B in L and S in L. JH won poker although the Reynolds boys put up a good fight. Matthew lost to me and I went on to get second. It was great for Matthew to meet some of my "family" here in Wien.

The morning of the 28th M and I headed by train to Breclav where Betka's grandpa and mom were waiting to pick us as well as Martina up to bring us back to Lednice. We spent some great time with her family and Matthew got to meet his future sister for the first time and confirmed again that I am marrying the right person . . . .

I will edit this post later with the rest of our adventures, but right now I need to plan out the next semester's work.



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