Thursday, January 04, 2007

Prayers needed . . .

Please pray for a friend of a co-worker of mine. One of the teachers at VCS has a family that she was close to growing up. They have kids that are the same age as this teacher and this teacher's little sister. The mom in the family passed away just a few days ago. Please pray that they would get the strength from God to get throuhg this very difficult time.

Also I would humbly ask for prayers for myself and my own family as we deal with my father's imminent heart surgery that will happen in the next couple of months. His valve that was replaced in his last surgery 10 years ago is leaking fairly badly. It has to be replaced and that means open heart surgery. I fear that this surgery will be much harder for my father as he is now much older than he was last time. I pray that the Lord would come along side not only my father but also my mother, and everyone else that stands by my family stateside. Part of me totally wishes I could be there by my mother's side while my dad goes through this again, but right now the financial situation is not where I can afford to do that. Please pray that the valve gets replaced, he heals well and comes out of it renewed with a joy for the life that is such a precious, precious gift to us all. Thanks guys for staying in prayer about all of this. This next semester is going to be really really busy for me and I will desperately need each and every one of your prayers. God bless you guys!

In His unfaltering grip,

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