Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Pray for my dad and my family . . . oh heck and me as well, its gonna be a tough January and february.

Alright guys, it is time I ask you to seriously pray for my dad this coming 24th. He is going to have open heart surgery and I for one am trying my best to not worry. You all know how that can be though. I am scared for my mom and brothers. Luckily though my brother Chris might be up there with my mom, but he is down in Champaign, IL at school. My dad had heart surgery about 10 years ago and had a valve replaced then. The doctors say that if everything goes as planned that he should be healed and healthy enough to come to Europe in June for the wedding, but we'll see. My mom's email explains it to the best of her knowledge and mine.

I just wanted to let you all know about Alex's (Dad's) upcoming 'stuff'. I will try to be brief but complete. I know that some of you may not know what is going on (Barb, Anna, and whomever is 'in the dark') and I apologize. It is hard to keep everyone in the ever expanding loop.
Alex is scheduled for his heart surgery (he has to have the aortic valve replaced) on Jan. 24 but first he has some things to take care of. It has been almost 10 years since the last surgery so this is not unexpected from the Drs. point of view - even though is not welcomed from our point of view!

1. on Wednesday, Jan 17, I think, he will have a root canal and a temporary crown. I know Mom had a one day thing. that sounds good but we do not have that yet! He has several other teeth that neeed work but this was the most urgent. The dentist had to sign off on him before the hreat guys would do their thing! of course, dental work is no easy task. he has to have an infusion of antibiotics no more than 1.5 hours before his dental work begins. soooooooooo we will go to the infusion center at the hospital between 6:30 and 7am and be at the dentist by 8am. If all goes well, I may not be too late for work! Since Alex can't drive down to the hospital, I need to take him. But the dentist is only a few blocks from home so all is good.

2. On Jan 23 we will go to the Univ of Chicago and he will have a angiogram to check for blockages. I think they may do a carotid atery check (in the neck) too. If they find anything they will take care of it on Wed during surgery.

(Chris, don't get all excited by this. If you don't want to come home that's ok!) I think Chris may come home and be with me on the 24th. He has no classes on Wednesday. (well, none on Mon or Friday either - ohhhh to be a Senior. He does have classes alllllll day on Tuesday and Thursday though!!!) Chris, if you decide not too that is ok. Paula has offered to come to the hospital on Wednesday. I know that this is a long way for you to travel. I am not sure of the time but will let you know.

So, I think that is it.

Love to you all, :) Ruth (and Mom)

So yeah we can really use your prayers in the upcoming weeks. This is "very unwelcome" as she has said in her email and we are all praying that he will come out of it alright.

Thank you in advance for all of your prayers,

Brian and the Reynolds Family

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Praying for the surgeon's skill and God's healing for your Dad on the 24th! I know it is also tough on the family, so we likewise have you and them in our prayers for strentgth as well.

John W.