Friday, January 19, 2007

New Semester, New Happenings . . . .

Hey there again folks!

I just thought I would post another update with a little more of my own thoughts. The past week has been pretty hectic for me personally because my workload and schedule have changed almost completely. Last semester I only had two classes total, 8th grade art and 6th grade beginner ESL. This semester. . . the entire elementary school art, K-5th grades (one class of each grade), and 6th grade art. I started new with elementary art when we got back from Christmas break January 8th and just started with 6th grade this week on Wednesday. That in it self is not bad because each grade only has class twice a week, for elementary, and 6th grade alternates weeks at 2 to 3 days each week. What made things tough this past week was the fact that I wasn't sure when exactly my 6th grade class met. I went into Tuesday, this week the first day due to our work day Monday, and was preparing for 6th grade and they did not show up. I found out that is because they have it 3rd block(third class) on Blue days (Monday, Wednesday and sometimes Friday). So Wednesday comes and I am expecting the 6th graders at around 1PM, but I learned that 6th grade art was moved to the first half of second block which meant they were to come at 11:00AM. What made it worse was since I was expecting to not have class until 1:00 I volunteered to substitute Biology for a teacher that had to go home. So I had to find someone to cover for my covering of that other person's class so I could go to teach my class that was coming earlier than I knew it was. Sound confusing? Yeah it was, but somehow it worked out. Thanks Stephanie for covering Biology for me! :) The best part of all of this is that when I was teaching the 6th grade class another teacher came in and asked if I was planning on coming to do lunch duty which of course I couldn't because I was teaching art. I guess that day wasn't one of my best days. I am very sorry to anyone that might have had a more difficult day because of me. Lesson learned. Better planning and I wouldn't have to worry about all of this happening. Thanks everyone at VCS for understanding.

I also want to take this time to thank those of you that are faithfully contributing to financially keeping me here in Vienna. It is amazing to see how the Lord provides what I need for the day to day. Praise be to Him.

On a local note back home . . . congratulations to The Chicago Bears on their getting this far in the NFL playoffs. I had no idea what was going on until a friend told me that the Bears were in the NFC Championships! Go Bears! FOr those of you that are wondering . . . yes I will be watching the game. I will also be sporting my brand new Bears banner as a cape. Should be awesome even if the Bears lose. I remember there was a time when another Chicago sports team won a championship when I was away in a foreign land (White Sox). I hope this will be a repeat and I do hope that some day I will be able to experience it on American soil.

Betka and I are still getting ideas together and are finally starting to get the legal end of things for the wedding together as January slowly comes to a close. We hope to have electronic save the date cards and some paper copies sent out to here in the next couple of weeks. Then closer to the date we will have formal invitations made and send them to those. If you just simply must have a copy of them please let us know either by email or comment on the blog. We will make sure you get one. We are just trying to make things as cheap as we can but as nice as possible. I will say that as of now the event will be on Saturday, June 9th, 2007 in the church house in Valtice, Czech Republic. If you are not sure follow this link and it will show you a fairly decent map of the area. The nearest airport to fly into is Vienna, Austria and then it is a short hour train ride to CZ where Valtice is easily accessible. If you are wanting to come to Europe it would be excellent to have you celebrate our wedding with us and if not, no worries, we will have a reception Stateside in Late June or early July. Stay tuned to hear more. I will hopefully post a copy of our invitations and Save-the-date cards ASAP.

Love you guys. Just remember the best way to really know how we are truly doing is to contact us. The best way is by email because I check it every day except weekends. God bless! :)

B & B

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