Tuesday, January 09, 2007

My Humble Abode's New Look

Hey there again everyone! This past weekend brought a new sense of settled-ness into my life. The main reason for this being
that she came for the weekend to visit. Mainly what that means is that we spent the good majority of the time together each working on our respective work. Her on her University term paper and finals preparations and I on my graduate school paper and preparations for this next semester.

I wouldn't say that this past weekend was "fun" in the sense that we didn't do alot of tourist-type stuff but we did get a sense of what married life will really be. We got alot of work done and to take a break from the computer work on Sunday we went to church together in the morning then for lunch cooked spaghetti for lunch and began to clean out my apartment and re-arrange it to make it feel more like home for the both of us. Up until now my apartment has been very lived in. I haven't really kept things in one place and among my three beds I haven't actually chosen one to sleep in all the time. I have a fold out double bed in the living room area and two single ones in the little side room. What Betka and I did (well Betka handled the organization part) was organize the apartment by taking care of my accumulated evidence of being "lived in" AKA trash and arranging the furniture to a set-up that we both agreed on. The pictures to the left are what the rooms looked like when we finished. The pics with the chandelier are our living room half with the free rug that I got. The other half of that room is where the double bed will fold down when Betka and I are married. I think that deep down I wanted her to help me do this kind of thing there just wasn't a really good way to express those feelings in a way that wouldn't seem male chaevenistic (sp?). We both hope that now that I have a presentable room that we will have more guests. Our house is yours! :)

The following pictures are from the left: Picture of the beautiful Czech countryside up near Poland taken by my brother's friend Brooke (if it is Brook please let me know.) Thanks for the beautiful pictures Brooke! :) Then a photo collage that I did of the Rathaus, city hall, my favorite building in Wien. Then a picture from back in czech. I don't know where that hat is but I loved it! :)


God bless!,


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Anonymous said...

hey brian!
i'm glad you liked the pictures. :-) my name is spelled with an e, but thanks for checking because one of my biggest pet peeves is when people spell my name without the e. i hope to find time to email you sometime this weekend, but that depends on my homework. i WILL get around to emailing you though. don't worry. ;-)