Friday, January 12, 2007

Matthew's Visit . . . finally pictures! :) Lots of them!

I was looking through my massive amount of pictures the other day on my computer (I really need to get an external hard drive sometime) and realized that I hadn't posted any pictures from Matthew's visit this past New Year's. How strange! Most of the pics that are uploaded here are taken by him, except the ones that are of him, I did those. We really enjoyed our time together. It seems as life goes on we see less and less of each other. Sad fact, but it makes the time together much more valuable, at least to me.

Above: Matthew sportin' the new dome cover purchased in one of Vienna's hat shops.
Below: A sweet picture before the tunnel leading to Heldenplatz. The sun was just right that it casted an awesome outline on everyone walking through.

Above: Another picture where I played with the backlighting. I love the glowing feather. :)
Below: Matthew's idea. Reflection in an expensive store's display on the Graben.

Above left to right: Betka in her element. Mmmm potatoes, she is a really good cook. Matthew in Stephansdom, the Cathedral in Wien. Spooky pic.
Below left to right: Matthew and Jan are reading the "Bunny Suicides" book. Hilarious, definitely check it out when you have the chance. It is similar to the Far Side. Matthew cold in Lednice, the name actually means "ice box" or something like that. Matthew's pic of Betka and I waiting for the bus.

Above left to right: Matthew's reunion with Jonas and Krystof, Krystof and Jonas' Christmas present, Betka and Matthew holding our stuff in the van after our trip to the mountains.
Below left to right: Betka, Darca, and I hanging out at the Vaselka, the cottage that the church owns in the Sumava mountains. Thats me on the ground after my future wife made me fall, she loves me sooooo much. :) Me matching my good looks with the statue in Chateau park, Lednice.

Above left to right: Matthew and Ondra, Komrads after a wrestling match that wasn't won by either side. Matthew's awesome hiding place when we played "Sardines".
Below left to right: Matthew . . . "dancing". Her royal Highness Alzbeta (Elizabeth) the Great . . . and her dog.

Above left to right: Matthew and . . . that dog again! :) Group picture with the Broz boys, Simon and Kristian in froont of the Chateau Lednice greenhouse. My beloved brother on the way back from Sumava in the van.
Below 2 rows: Pictures from a hike that Betka and I and some friends of ours took on New Year's Eve day. It was Mount Bobin, I think 1,367 meters high. At the top there was this tower. I went half way but Betka went all the way up. My best pictures were on Matthew's disposable camera that Brooke gave him. Get those to me ASAP bro! :)

Above: What a weirdo! :) I like the pic though.

Well thats about it for the trip. He took alot of photos, but these were my favorites. Ask him to see the rest. Talk to you all later! :)

In Him,

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