Wednesday, January 31, 2007

End of January Wrap . . .

Hey guys,

Just thought I would put a little post up here this morning before devotions on this beautiful Wednesday, the last day of January, my 6th month here in Vienna.

It is amazing to think that I have been here six months already. I know that the Lord has done some amazing things in my life as well as in the students lives through my working here at VCS. This year has been really interesting. The most recent thing was just officially announced to VCS staff a couple days ago was that the school is in the process of purchasing property just down the street from the current school for a new Gymnasium. It would be a joint venture with the church, International Chapel of Vienna, but it would possibly bless both of us. VCS has been in need of a gym for quite some time now. We have had no place to play basketball or have inside gym classes and have had to rent places or use the very small "gym" that we have right now. That "Gym" is really, or was, a garage and still has a large garage door. The new property would pretty much house or athletic and physical education departments. It is only one U-bahn stop down the line and just over a 10 minute walk. It seems to be a really great deal that the Lord has truly blessed our school to have. I know more details so if that in particular interests you please ask me any questions you may have. Please keep it in your prayers as it is something that we feel led into completing and would appreciate your prayers for the completion of purchase and successful building of our new Gymnasium.

Well, I have to get going now, I have 5th grade, 1st grade, and 6th grade back to back to back. Have a beautiful day everybody! :)


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