Friday, December 15, 2006

This weekend . . .

Hey there everybody! Thought I would update you as to the activities that I am up to this weekend.

But first I must do a bit of venting. For the past month and a half I have had to go elsewhere other than my apartment to wash my clothing due to the fact that my 2 month old washer that I bought brand new decided to dump water on my kitchen floor and then stop working entirely. To make a really long story short. BD, our librarian was a wonderful Deutsch liason throughout the process. My machine had been checked out by the service company which is entirely different from the company I bought it from. The service co checked it out a month ago for the first time and then they said that there was an electrical defect and they would call me to make another appointment sometime the next week. Well, two weeks went by and they still had not even called me. At this point BD called again for me and the earliest that they could come was 2 weeks later still! At this point Barbara got ticked at Cosmos the company and she looked up a government funded consumer rights bureau. Turns out I have consumer rights here in Austria and we sent the manager of cosmos a letter stating that they would make sure that my machine got fixed or replaced ASAP or they would be required by law to give me a full refund on my purchase and they would collect the defunct machine.

So in the mean time during the time all of this was happening, M our tech guy, was getting rid of his machine, the same one that was in my apartment with the previous family. I asked him to hold on to it and he did. I though that if I could get my money back from the broken machine and get his for free then things would be ok. Turns out they fixed mine and his is chilling on his balcony. So I am thinking oh, we need to junk his then. I had promised to do this for him if I didn't end up using his. So another teacher's machine breaks after 5 years. same brand as my new one. Just remember Indesit is indecent as far as washing machines go. Anyway she decides that she wants it so Sunday we are going to M's to get the machine that I might have needed and deliver it to the other teacher's place. Should be a fun Sunday, washing machines are dang heavy! :) (Just in case anyone reads this particular post thinking that I wrote about someone, they can try to prove it, I dare you! :) Also I want to make sure that everyone that cares knows that I never actually helped move the machine because of a slight miscommunication between the other teacher and myself. Consider this the fine print.)

Tonight should be a wonderful time as well because Betka and her mom are coming for a visit to Vienna. They will be arriving tonight in time for the Christmas concert. VCS has an amazing jazz band I would like you to know. Hopefully I will have some more pictures to post soon.

So all in all it should turn out to be a good weekend. Then next week we are finishing this semester and go on Christmas break Thursday the 21st until January 8th. I think Thursday evening I will head to Brno to visit Betka and then we'll head south to Lednice to spend time with her family for the holidays. After Christmas I will go back to Vienna and spend a couple of days with my brother Matthew as he gets here to Europe, then we will both be going back to CZ to hang out with Betka and her family. For New Year's hopefully B, M, and I will be going to the Sumava mountains. We will see how it looks logistically and all but I think it would be really cool! :)

Love all you guys. take care this holiday season, God's blessings to you all! :)

In His grip,

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