Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Stone sculpture. . . .

The above picture brings me to talk about something that I do not have, a hobby. The rocks in this picture were painted so that they appear to be a woman and child praying. I think that as a missionary I tend to feel somewhat burnt out. Not that I feel that what I am doing is not worthy, because it is, more so than I will ever know, but I get tired of just the teaching aspect of life. Sometimes I just want to have something that I can go back home to, something to do that doesn't require me to be entirely organized or together in my thinking. I want to go home and chip away at rocks. I would very much like to resume my study of stone sculpture. I did some in college and realy loved the process and how close to our Lord it made me feel. I guess I just miss the ability to go and create. Yes, I can draw, and I do, but there is just something about creating out of solid stone that is magnificent. Unfortunately stone carving and sculpture is very expensive. Not only for the stone itself, but also for the tools. I know that some day I will be able to take part in this art form that I have a passion for. Please ask the Lord how you might be able to help me with this. I cannot afford to do something like this at the present time and maybe God will move one of you, my faithful supporters to make this possible. Maybe, but also maybe not, we will see.

Its funny how I revert back to the way I was in college when I get really busy. If I have something to do at home when I am really busy at school I tend to stay busy at school and I stay on task. If I don't have any outlet for my creativity, some way to stay close to Jesus through what I am physically doing, I feel distant from Him. I guess that has been my problem of late. I haven't found ample outlet for my creativity. Please pray that He would show me a way. Thank you guys so much for your interest in reading my blog and I pray that it might uplift you at times and inspire you too, to live by faith and not by sight. Thanks for your prayers and financial support. I miss you all. God's blessings! :)


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Anonymous said...


What I hear in your recent post is that you are lonely--a hobby won't fill that void . What I also hear is your lack of relationships. I learned early on in ministry that I had to have a support group outside of the local church I was serving (and beyond my spouse). Have you connected with the United Methodist Church in Vienna--or any other group outside of the school. It takes energy, but it will be worth it. You are in my prayers.

Kathy Sweet