Saturday, November 25, 2006

Finances . . .

Hey there everyone!,

Just thought I would let all of you know what it looks like right now as far as the financial aspect of things goes. By the grace of God and the immense support of certain individuals the past few months the needed support was provided with a couple exceptions. My "salary" from RCE is about $1100 a month. Thats what I take home to pay for rent, utilities, food, etc.
The inflow and outflow from my RCE account is as follows by month:

Inflow $2,191
Outflow $1,519

Inflow $1,305
Outflow $1,448


Inflow $2,805
Outflow $1,471

(To date, not all of it yet.)
Inflow $555

Outflow $121

Year to date
Inflow $6,856
Outflow $4,561

So as these numbers show it is very much up to the Lord and what He decides I need that month. Thank you so much guys for your support and prayers. Without them I really would not be here. Those figures are really amazing to me that I can continue to be here. Just keep in mind that my salary is supposed to be about $1600 monthly to uphold the new visa laws, which I have come to find out are very inconsistent. I hope for you money people out there this will suffice for now. I am not a money man of Christ. I know that in order to do the Lord's work you must have money and that the Lord provides it to those that yearn to serve Him. Thanks again everyone. God's blessings on you all that have stepped out in faith with me to reach these kids' lives for Jesus.

In His grip,

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