Monday, November 20, 2006

American visitor!!!!! :) Its been a while ok? :)

The following pictures are from a weekend that was alot of fun for me. Basically I had a house invader for a weekend, just kidding. Ray Wilck visited with me all weekend and we had a blast! :) We watched as the city workers put up Christmas decaorations on the Graben, a popular walk downtown. We walked by and under the balcony where Hitler stood to give one of his crowd riling speeches. It is the balcony in Vienna where he did this with Ray standing in front of the building that it is part of, now the national library. How's that for irony? We also saw all of the statues and different architecture that there is to see in Wien.

This time of year there city is putting up the Advent Markets. These are special markets where the Christmas spirit of things is very prevailent. We went to the markets at Schonbrunn, Rathaus, and Spittelberg. Next weekend the one at Museums Quartier. The shops and huts at these markets sell everything from cheese, to wine, mittens, and children's toys. It was a great time. Ray, you will be missed . . . until next time! :)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Brian! :-)
I like the pictures. It's nice to know you are alive and well.
Have a wonderful day!