Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Wedding date and so forth . . .

Hey there again everyone! Just thought I would make a note to you all, the following is a date that is very, very, important.

The weekend of June 9th and 10th, 2007
Brian Reynolds and Alzbeta Sykorova will become Mr. and Mrs. Brian Reynolds in Lednice, Czech Republic!!!!

We just haven't decided what day exactly, most likely Saturday the 9th, but we will see. We are both trying to get things planned out and your prayers are needed as we are both new to this . . .I guess everyone is. We are both really excited about this time that isn't really that far away. What is it? Just a little over a 8months until the big day? So with the excitement comes the nervousness and trusting in God that we have made the right decision in accordance to His will.. We both believe that we have, we just need to keep seeking Him and the rest will fall into place. We would be really excited to see any of our friends from the States that might want to show up for our wedding. You can contact me via email if you are interested in being at the wedding. We will send out formal invitations at a later date, but if you are seriously interested in being in Europe for our wedding contact me as soon as it is possible to start thinking about this possibility. Also if any of you have any advice for a couple that is truly looking to do this with almost no money please send that advice my way. We would really appreciate it.

So yeah that is about all for now. Betka and I will most certainly update you with more details as we know them. Until next time . . . Blessings! :)

In His grip,

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