Monday, October 16, 2006

This past weekend . . . what a blessing! :) God's creation is amazing!

The above pictures are from Fall Festival. It was such a good time to hang out with the students and to get to know their parents. Some of these people heard the name of Jesus much more that night than they ever would or ever have before. The Fall Festival is mainly to celebrate fall and the harvest and Halloween time, though we don't celebrate Halloween specifically. The middle school choirs had their first performances as did the bands. It was a great time for me because I was burdened with an unusual amount of responsibility. For the night I took Ervin's place as building manager. That meant that I was responsible to get people moving on clean up and also for any building related things that happened during the event. I truly felt needed and though it was a huge responsibility I felt like I was able to fall into the role fairly easily. It also helped that the staff helped enormously. All of those guys and gals are great!

Below are pictures from the men's retreat that I went on this past weekend. We stayed at the Hotel Payersbacherhof in Payerbach, south of Vienna. It is the nearest to the Alps that I have been so far. The lighting was great before the hike and into the first quarter, but nearer to the top of Mount Rax, the mountain we climbed, it got foggier and harder to see. Beautiful day and awesome weekend but man am I sore from hiking. I definitely need better hinking shoes! :) Enjoy guys! :)

I hope you all enjoy these entries and I am ready and willing to answer any questions that you might have. Please comment and leave any questions that you might have. God bless! :)

In His grip,


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