Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Pictures from fall break, chapel, etc. . . . .

These pictures were taken by Andrea Javurkova in Valtice during our visit with them last Thursday over fall break. That was before my professional hair styling for 55 Korun.

These pictures are my home away from home away from home. My classroom and desk. I share this space with Natalie Bernhardt, the high school art teacher, but it suits our purposes just fine. The entrance is to the right in the picture on the right.

Above: My beloved bicycle I named old blue or Miles as is inscribed on the frame. Amazing how the Lord provides something even as trivial as a bicycle. Only 20 Euro mind you! :) Tremendous deal! :)

Below: My attempt at creativity.

Not to seem narcissisistic (sp?) but when I get bored I try out some self-portrait poses. What do you guys think? Below.


Anonymous said...


Nice pics. Thanks for posting!

John Walker

Matt Richards said...


You make me laugh. Thanks for everything.