Friday, October 06, 2006

The New VCS video!!!!!

Hey guys!,

Just thought I would pass on to you the most recent piece of news, well actually two new pieces.

1. The new video for Vienna Christian School was just recently finished. The guy did the videography and editing and edited from like 14 hours of footage to produce the final video. I think this video accurately portrays what Vienna Christian School is all about and why so many of us as teachers here have forgone regular pay and become missionaries to be here. I hope you all enjoy it! It can be found at
Pass it on!!! :)

2. The most recent staff meeting here at VCS was very interesting as it was a report on how the board meeting for VCS the previous weekend went. Mark Dossett reported that they voted on two things, the main one being whether or not to move forward on the phase two of the expansion project. For a while now VCS has seen the need to expand to a larger facility. One main concern is the gym, well garage that is used as a gym, is way too small. We have no place for the children to run around when the weather gets bad. The new addition to our facilities would include another elevator, a gymnasium and an auditorium. All of these things are needed very badly as we see that our student population is growing. The administration has made it known that they see our student population topping out at around 355 or so. We are maxed out with our current facilities and we have like 222. Please don't quote me as to the exact figures, but they are rough estimates. Please pray that we would have the money as a school to fund such an expansion project. There has been talk from the Stadtschulrat (The Austrian ministry of education.) that they value what VCS is doing, education wise, and they would be willing to fund up to 1/3 of the entire cost of this project. So let's say that the board decides that the project will cost 3.3 million EURO. The Stadtschulrat would, as they have mentioned a little bit about, pay around 1.1 million EURO. We are very excited about this possibility and need your prayer as the school board goes about trying to secure a commitment in writing from the Stadtschulrat on this. 2.2 million EURO is still alot of money, but the school board is confident that it is entirely possible if we are in the Lord's will about all of this. Thanks guys for your continuing prayers and I do hope to update you more as I know more.

Until next time enjoy the video, pass it on to those that might want to help support us in prayer and finances and know that God is with you as He is with us also. God bless you guys! :)

In Him we trust,

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I have been meaning to drop you a ntoe, burt have been doing some traveling and busy, etc.

Thanks for posting the video. Very informative.

John W.