Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I really do care about my supporters!

Hey one big thank you is in order for all of you guys that have taken on the burden of my financial support while I have been here. I am constantly in prayer for you guys, but I would love to show my appreciation in other ways, so I would like to ask you this.

Are there things that any of you collect that I could find here, anything preferably smaller. I want to send all of you guys something at some point and I guess it would just be better if I knew what you guys collect if anything. Guess I am fishing for ideas. How are you all? Leave some comments. The way it works is I get them in an email after you post them and then I decide whether or not to post them to the journal. This is great for those of you that might have not commented before because you didn't want anyone to read them. Just make a note for me not to post your comment and I will most certainly not post it if thats what you prefer. Have an excellent day guys! :)


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