Monday, October 09, 2006

Forgiveness . . .


Just thought I would give you all something to chew on a little bit. I have been struck by the power of God's forgiveness and consequently how hard it is for us as fallen-humans to forgive like Him. Why is it that He can forgive seemingly so easily, but I just cannot? Is it because I have no need to? Just meaning to do the best I can isn't good enough sometimes, God asks for more, for total forgiveness, the kind that allows you to go on with life almost as if nothing has happened. Its like sometimes people do things or say things that hurt you and you can't even see a reason for them doing that. How is that easy to forgive? Yeah, there are reasons why they feel the way they feel, but why didn't they ever tell me how they felt instead of jumping to conclusions and treating me like I mistreated them? I honestly do not know what I did. I only wanted to do the best I could. Maybe I didn't do that and that is why its a problem. What are the stages of forgiveness? First, I would have to say feelings of hurt and sometimes rage. Then there has to be an identifying of what the Lord's will is in the situation. Is my will and the other party's will in line with the Lord's? That part doesn't so much matter as the person who has been wronged coming to terms with the fact that they have to forgive. I guess that is where I am now. I have to forgive, God wants me to, I am just finding it much harder than I wish it was. So please pray for me guys. I want what God wants, it is just hard and it causes me to grow. Thanks.

Trusting in the King of forgiveness,

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