Thursday, October 12, 2006

Blessings big and small . . .

Hey guys!

Just thought I would share something with all of you that seriously blessed my life yesterday, but before I tell you about the thing in specific I need to explain where my heart has been as of late. My walk with the Lord has hit rough ground lately. Mainly because I am trusting in Him for everything, almost constantly saying to Him "Give me this day my daily bread . . .". So needless-to-say I have been pretty frugal in what I spend or at least I have been trying to be more frugal than ever before. What this effort has brought my way is some tough choices. I mean I would love to go out to eat each time someone is doing a get together or something mainly because I enjoy the community here at VCS. Well, I have realized that I needn't and certainly mustn't do this all the time. I am on a tight budget with money that is not guaranteed. The only guarantee is that the Lord is faithful and His plan is nothing but good. So as of late I have been very conscious of my outflow of funds.

Well, where the blessing starts to come in is, this past Sunday when Betka was visiting we went to the International Chapel of Vienna where they were advertising their men's retreat for this coming weekend. When I had visited this church before they had mentioned it and now three weeks later they are still pushing it. I thought, three weeks ago, that the spaces would fill up and I wouldn't be able to go so I kinda gave up on it. But this past Sunday they still had 4 spaces left. Throughout the service I had this feeling like God would be pleased if I went on this. Well, during the service I knew nothing about this retreat. After the service I found out that they needed a 40 Euro deposit and the total cost of the entire weekend, two nights room, and food for the entire weekend, plus the seminars and the book they are going through, was 133 Euro. Now if I were in the states this might be reasonable, but on my limited missionary budget I had to seriously consider not going. So I signed up and knew in the back of my mind that I could cancel and get the deposit back if I just couldn't go.

The past couple of days as I have been trying to get more information out of people about this whole thing, I believe that Satan has really been trying to get me to not go to this, and consequently I feel that the Lord wants me to go. I also think that it will serve a great purpose of connecting me with some Christian men here in Vienna. I have truly missed that. In Czech I had the soccer group of guys that I was with every Saturday, and in college I had the guys on my floor. Here I have nothing except an occasional poker fellowship with the guys on Thursday, but as you might guess it isn't much of a fellowship. We don't get too deep into what we as men are going through. So for the whole beginning of this week I have been kind of on the fence as to what I should do with this. The main thing being that I didn't think 133 Euro was fair considering I would not be there until Saturday morning, thats one less night, and as far as I could tell nobody would give me a scholarship to make the price more affordable. So yesterday as this was coming to a pinnacle and I was really ready to just say I wasn't going a small blessing showed up in my mail box at school. 20 EURO and no one put their name saying who it was from! Now I know what you're thinking 20 Euro thats not much out of 133, but I tell you, it was enough to make me start thinking that God wanted me to relax and know that He is God, that He has control, and not me. Yes, I believe that 113 Euro is still alot of money, but I am going to learn about how to become "A man after God's own Heart." so He will bless the sacrifice and I believe that it is well used. Yes, I might be fasting a little towards the end of this month, but it's worth it. Besides the Lord can teach you alot through fasting.

So yeah, and anonymous person blessed my life yesterday and I hope that my story blessed your life. I hope to share more with you about this retreat when I return. Please be in prayer for me as well as all the men who are going on this thing. I think the Lord will teach me alot about what it means to become a husband as well as a man of God. I want to be what He wants me to be and I believe that this weekend will help alot. Thanks guys for your continued support in prayer.

May He richly bless you and yours,


Anonymous said...

Hi Brian- I've been out of town and just got caught up with you. Miska is here and we have been traveling. I want to share a few thoughts about forgiving. Sometimes when I find myself not able to let go of a wrong someone has done me I make a mental picture of myself going to God's throne and climbing up on His lap and snuggling there to tell him about the problem. He comforts me and tells me He will take care of it. Then I visualize myself leaving Him on the throne and I turn an wave as I leave the room. If I start thinking about the person or issue again, I recall leaving it with God and remember that He said he would take care of it. This may seem a little elementary, but it works for me. I also choose not to remember a wrong done to me after I have decided to forgive and asked God to help me with it. If I find myself remembering the act, I know it is not from God and pray for His strength to choose not to remember the wrong. Obsessing is also a tool of the devil.

Hope you are having a great time at the retreat. You will continue to be in my prayers.

Brian_Reynolds_Missionary said...

Thanks Dee,

I shared this with Betka and we felt that it has helped us both with such things as forgiveness and the like. You are definitely a blessing to our lives.
Luv ya!,