Tuesday, October 10, 2006

After School Discipline . . .

So I am here at the time right after the after school discipline program that I had to supervise and I think it went pretty well.

Please pray for the two students that I had today. They are really not bad kids they just don't understand why certain rules are neccessary. One was a dress code violation, one was for bringing a fire starting device to school. I think they understand better why things are the way they are, but they can still use prayer. Pray that something that I said to them might be made to ring true by the Holy Spirit and please pray that I might speak in the power of the Holy Spirit with confidence to stick up for what I personally believe when asked directly by guys like these two high school guys that think they really know what they believe. Pray for them to be continually seeking the Lord and Savior Jesus, because we all know that He has all the answers that our hearts desire.

In His grip as a mouth piece,

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