Friday, September 22, 2006

Staff Retreat this weekend . . .

Hallo everyone! :)

I am writing now in eager expectation of what is to come this weekend. VCS is having our staff retreat this weekend for which we have a guest speaker and his wife visiting for the weekend. Donovan Graham and his wife Wilma are here and are very excited to minister to us as staff members of VCS. Please be in prayer that this weekend will serve not only as a time for friendships and community to be built, but also for the Holy Spirit to work through Donovan and his wife to bring to us a re-energizing message that will bring us back Monday rearing and ready to reach our students for Christ. I am really really rally excited about this retreat mainly because I just need to get out of Vienna for a while, but also because I look forward to fostering the awesome relationships that the Lord has blessed me with here at VCS. Thanks so much guys and gals for your continued support. It truly keeps this ministry alive and running. It is amazing to me to see how week in and week out the Lord is in this every day every minute and every hour. Thanks for helping Him.

Also on a personal side note, please be in prayer for Betka and I that we might settle on a date for our marriage so that it is set and that we can start working towards planning that and get that anxiety out of my life as well as hers. We want this to be right in the Lord's eyes and we are both working through things in preparation for our upcoming marriage. Thanks.

Blessings in Him,

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