Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Report on the retreat . . .

In case you were wondering the retreat this weekend was wundebar or wonderful! It was such a great thing to go away and not have to think about school for a little while anyway. Not that I don't like school it is just that it can becaome like work and weekends like this help us as missionaries to remember our calling and to get re-energized. To describe this retreat I have three words that sum it up . . . Sauna, soccer, and goodspiritfilledtimewiththeLord. Ok that was more than three words, but it really was a great time spiritually. Donovan had a real way of making us open up and of putting things in a way that make it blatantly real to us as educators and first and foremost as Christians. I had a great time playing soccer more than ever, relaxing the most I have in a long time, and getting to know our Father in heaven a little more and growing closer to Him through the sessions that we had. The sauna was really awesome too. It was not only great to relax the body, but also a great bonding experience with the guys that were there with me. I know Ken Norma, the director of our school, a whole lot better now. Believe me . . . in some ways that I never wanted to. :) It truly was a blessed time.

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