Wednesday, September 20, 2006

PFO and other stuff . . . .

Hey there,

Just thought I would give all of you a little example of how this world is a small world. Back at the end of June beginning of July, when I was back home in the states for a month I attended what was called TCK-PFO, Third Culture Kid- Pre-Field Orientation. There were 120 missionaries in training and their families in attendance and for two weeks we learned about the kids we would be leaving to start teaching in Christian schools and international schools all over the world and I do mean ALL over the world. The guys staying in the same suite as me, one was going to China, the other to South Korea. I also met many others that were getting ready to go to other places such as Turkey, Taiwan, Hungary, etc. It was an amazing time with people who very much like I were getting ready to go into what was unknown for them to go and serve the Lord in a foreign land on nothing but the supporters that the Lord had brought to them. It was great to spend two weeks with lie-minded people who had some of the same experiences in support raising and so forth. Anyway I was in an advising group and my advisor, Roger, was from Adelaide, Australia. There were also 5 other guys there. 2 were going to China, 1 to South Korea, 1 to Taiwan, and 1 was going to be in Budapest, Hungary. Austin was really worried that he wouldn't have enough financial support to be able to go to hungary in time, but was really trusting the Lord to provide and we all agreed that if he was in Budapest this year that it would be because the Lord was providing, and not because of his own work. To make a long story short. Our school, VCS, plays his school in soccer, our middle school and high school teams do. He was going to be the coach of the middle school boys team. Well, I found out from the senior team coach here at VCS that went to Budapest last week that Austin was there at the game in Budapest and that their middle school team, Budapest's, will be coming to Vienna today! Awesome! So I will be reunited with a guy, that I met in New York and had a great two weeks with in a small group setting, here in Vienna, Austria, when he is working in Budapest, Hungary! Praise God for keeping his followers in contact. That continues to amaze me how He has His hand in everything.

Thanks guys for your continued prayers and I will opefully keep you updated as much as possible.

In His grip and amazed by His power,

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