Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Need for encouragement . . .

Hey again,

Just thought that I would implore all of you that read this to be praying for me right now. I am struggling with juggling the new work load. I don't want to be lazy or even to appear lazy, but I am not keeping up with the amount of planning that I have now and I HAVE 2 CLASSES! It is really freaking me out that I am having trouble with this. I mean I will have an extra 6 classes starting in January and I can't even keep up with 2 now! I don't think that I need to cut my load down, but if any of you have experienced this sort of feeling when you first started your career please let me know. I want to do well and I know what I need to do to get to that point but I am having trouble actually getting there. Also please be in prayer for my ESL class because right now the government is deciding if I can contnue to teach it and I am really having trouble finding the desire to teach that well.

On another note. If any of you have good recipes for pasta dishes please send them my way. I want to find ways to use the various meats they have here but I can't identify them all yet so I feel that I can survive on pasta recipes right now. It would be best if you could transfer the measurements to metric for me because my math skills are a little lacking.

On the professional development side of things I am currently seeking accreditation with ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International.) and to get this accreditation I have to read some books and write my philosophy of christian education. Please pray that the Lord would grant me unheard of understanding and wisdom to learn from these books that I might otherwise never even pick up in the first place. I am reading a book right now that is all philosophy and not much else. How is that a problem for me? Well, . . . if you know me at all you will probably notice that I am the worst person at Philosophy quite possibly out of this entire world. My worst grade in college was in philosophy(D+). Anyway . . . I have alot on my plate so be in prayer for that, but alo that I might be able to impact these students even though I feel like the world is spinning out of control. Praise God for putting me through these character building experiences.

Thanks so much guys for what you continue to do in my life and in Betka's life. We look forward to becoming one in life and to partnering with you in months and possibly, God-willing, years to come. God bless you all! :)

In His merciful grip,

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Anonymous said...

Hey, this philosophy of Christian education ain't exactly decoding Kant or Descartes, is it? Sounds like more of a "I believe this and why." Maybe expand upon the philosophy of education paper I think you did at HU?

Funny thing—you might want to mess with the security coding so the random letters aren't rough phonetic spellings of various American swear words like I got this time (: