Wednesday, September 13, 2006

More pictures

This guy is one of many statues in the city. He looks like he is in thought about a composition that just won't work for him. -->

<-- This picture is in the park not far from my apartment. Green Vienna.

<---This is an anti-aircraft battery that the germans put in during WWII and afterwards the Austrians tried to break it down, but it was so well built that it wouldn't break apart. So there it sits 10 mins walk from my apartment.

<---This huge ferris wheel called simply "Prater" is, I think the oldest ferris wheel in Europe and is part of an amusement park that is right next to my nearest subway station.

This sunset is typical of Vienna downtown. God's beautiful creation! He is such an awesome painter! :) --->

This is a building in my neighborhood that I tweeked a little bit. I love the contrast of colors! -->

This pathway is part of the ring system that circumnavigates the downtown of Vienna. Yeah for biking!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos! Ain't God's handiwork awesome?