Monday, September 25, 2006

Congratulation Jana, Lukas, and the rest of the Kubik family!

Hey guys! Just thought I would share the joy that my good friend Jirka shared with me. His sister Jana was recently married to her boyfriend of a few years Lukas. Jirka sent me many of their wedding pictures. Lukas and Jana look wonderful together and Jana is just beautiful. I will include a few pics to show what I mean. Jirka must be so proud because not only is his sister a great girl, but her new husband, Jirka's new brother-in-law, is a great man of God. God's blessings be with them both as they set out in life as one. Makes me realize how much Betka and I have to plan. Lord willing, our pics will be the next wedding pictures that you see on here.

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