Monday, September 11, 2006

Change of Journal site

Hey there everyone! Welcome to the new site of my journal that I have up until now kept at I chose mainly because one can post pictures here easier. There are also more choices for layouts. I know it is definitely a change and it looks much different than you and I are used to, but it will become my new place to keep track of thoughts and stuff. The title is currently "The Reynolds Wrap" and this comes from a nickname that I totally hated in middle school, but it also means like a report on my life here, you know . . . thats a wrap, Reynolds' Wrap. I think it will be great because when I marry Betka we won't have to change this at all. It will still be the Reynolds Wrap. So I guess first of all I would like to get any feedback that I can on what you like better or what is worse about this site. If you can leave a comment on here do so and I will find it. If not then leave a comment on the livejournal site and that will be emailed to me. I think you can do the same here but I am still getting used to it. I hope you enjoy keeping up on whats happening in my corner of the world. God be with you all! :)

In His grip,


Ruth Reynolds said...


Change is always hard for me but I will get used to it. If you like this site then it is good with me!

I love the Reynolds' Wrap name. I know you hated that when you were younger but now it is really 'cool'. Neat idea!

Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

I used Blogspot for a couple classes last year. Your other site rocks, but, hey the graphic appeal of this is sweet. You'll be able to jazz this up easily. I also thought Blogger's interface for comments was pretty sweet. Granted, you'll get spam unless you tweak the privacy settings.